“Two product managers, three opinions” the adage goes. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes, but the reality is that product managers are such a diverse lot that opinions on big questions differ widely. That’s why, when conceiving ProductCraft, we wanted a place where product managers could weigh in on the questions that shape their work and their world, and hear perspectives from other leaders in the field. Debate Club members are some of the best practitioners from of the hottest companies (read more about them here).

We’ll start every week with a poll on an important question – that’s where you can cast your vote (no registration required!). The following week, we’ll share the poll results, and then two members from our panel of debaters will react. Strong opinions, thorny questions. Fireworks are bound to ensue. Of course, you can join the fun. The questions will be open to discussion here and on Twitter.

Our first week’s poll is open now:

Should product managers have a technical background?

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Stay tuned for the debate and open discussion next week!