This week on Product Love, I sat down with Chris Stegner, co-founder and CEO of Very Big Things, a digital products design and development company. At age 13, Chris jumpstarted his career by building and selling 3D graphics. And since then? He’s done a series of startups that have landed acquisitions. Pretty incredible, right?

Nowadays, he runs Very Big Things where he gets to solve software’s most interesting problems. Typically, startups go through a situation where VCs tell them to build an incredible feature in a few months. What actually happens, is that those few months are usually spent trying to build a successful team, instead of the actual building part. Even when they do pull together a team, there’s still time needed to make sure the product team can be led in the right way. So now, this startup is left with very little to show even after several months have passed. That’s where Very Big Things comes in.

In this week’s episode, we dove into his experiences with building mobile apps at some of the world’s largest enterprise companies and more. Check it out below.


About the Author

Eric Boduch is the chief evangelist for Pendo. Previously, he served as the CEO of Brainstorm SMS Technologies LLC (dba SMaSh, Inc.) and was the co-founder and CEO of several other companies. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science from The School of Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is a graduate of its Executive Management Program.