This week on Product Love, I sat down with Brett Queener, a partner at Bonfire Ventures. He’s an active advisor and investor in several seed-stage business software companies. Brett and I talked about his time at Salesforce, and how he began to lead product there. But the crux of our conversation mostly centered around product’s role in companies today. Brett describes himself as someone who is very much bought into the product-led movement, which led him to share a lot of insights about how companies need to view the product role. The role of the product manager is evolving, and growing in importance, but that means the way we do business has to shift as well. If you needed a sign to become a product-led organization, this is it.

Brett and I also talked a lot about growth, acquisition, and expansion. When is it time for companies to start a new product line? When should a company care about acquisitions? How should they move up-market? If you want the answer to all these questions by a tech veteran who has an amazing acumen in SaaS and business, check out the episode.

About the Author

Eric Boduch is the chief evangelist for Pendo. Previously, he served as the CEO of Brainstorm SMS Technologies LLC (dba SMaSh, Inc.) and was the co-founder and CEO of several other companies. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science from The School of Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is a graduate of its Executive Management Program.