Back in the fall, when we launched the Product Stack, there were 13 tools in our “design/prototyping” category. These tools fall into two categories: about half are legacy tools that were truly built for designers, and while they are used for creating wireframes and prototypes, that was not really what they were built for. The second category is comprised of a newer breed of tools, specifically created for the purpose of wireframing, and many of those tools are advertised as allowing anyone to quickly and easily sketch out product wireframes.

The latter is a sign of how the rise of product management is changing traditional roles in software. Instead of hyper-niche tools that require education and expertise, more tools are popping up that allow PMs to do jobs that were siloed in design or engineering. And still, 71% of you who voted in our poll believe that wireframes should be the responsibility of UX. So, PMs, don’t quit your day jobs.

Team Effort

Any PM should master the making of wireframes, as they are, in my opinion, the best communication method for most products. Having said that, wireframes are to be made as a team effort- involving not only UX, but also dev.

David Schwartz

VP Product, Wix


I view product management as a “who and what” role – as in, the primary role of a PM is to be the market expert who understands who has the problem we are solving and what that problem is.  UX is as a “how” role – as in, how do we make the product look, act and feel to solve that problem.

Kristen Butzow

Product Coach, Pragmatic Marketing