Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be a growth marketer or growth product manager (or growth hacker, as much as that title makes us cringe). But does anyone have a good sense of what these growth roles actually mean?

Last week we published a piece that tries to explain at least what growth means in a product organization. Basically, growth PMs “play an important part in figuring out product monetization strategies and scaling new products “across the chasm” from earliest adopters to a large, mainstream user base.”

But the growth role doesn’t always sit in product – so, we asked you, where should it fit? 55% of you thought that product was the place for situating your growth engine, 41% thought that growth is more of a marketing function. Only 4% voted elsewhere. Our debaters both gave nuanced perspectives on the issue.

Forget "Growth"

My opinion is that growth role is a mistake in companies that grow fast. I mean that unless you maintain an old system that you're planning on killing off, your main product KPIs (conversion, total ROI, ARPU) are all about growth anyway. Same is true for marketing. Your brand is whatever conversation about you and your products is happening out in the world. In that respect, CS is the key player. So, really, growth as a role is superfluous.

David Schwartz

VP Product, Wix

Marketing and Product

While the entire company has a hand in driving growth, marketing and product should lead the charge in partnership with one another. Product identifies and defines the product that will drive growth, and marketing leads creating momentum so our products fly off the shelf.

Sam Boonin

VP Product Strategy, Zendesk