As product managers, many of us probably consider ourselves decidedly in the world of “power users.” You probably know all the keyboard shortcuts for your favorite software. Your phone is always low battery from incessant use. You are the master of “how to” searches.

But when you’re building for someone else, assuming your customers are a power user is risky — what if they’re not? Will you lose them right away? Building for casual users, meanwhile, could mean you’re losing a whole slew of business from those who came to solve hard problems.

So who should you build for? In our poll, 65% of you believed that the casual user should be your target. Our debaters are a little less committal.


It depends on your product objectives; What is the size of the opportunity for the different segments/personas? Where is the biggest value gap your product has? That is what should drive your decision here!

Hubert Palan

CEO, ProductBoard


There is no absolute answer as it depends on the market. Given unlimited resources product should be easy to use by casual users, and answer all the needs of advanced users. Since unlimited resources are a form of sci-fi, we should prioritize based on strategy.

David Schwartz

VP Product, Wix