We all know CS.

Customer success is an established role within many organizations and the focal point of many in our customer-centric times. But does success necessarily translate to happiness? Without getting too existential in our discussion, we’ve been wondering if CS is enough. Just like MVP is moving away from viability to delight, we are hearing more folks talking about customer happiness as their main goal.

So this week we asked, which is more important: success or happiness?

Looks like our readers (and debaters) are a driven bunch. 77% of you told us that customer success is more important, and both debaters agree. If you’re a CH advocate, we want to hear from you in the comments.


Only successful customers can be happy customers, so start with customer success!

Hubert Palan

CEO, ProductBoard


Customer success is a must, while customer happiness is nice to have.  We cannot ensure that happiness is part of a client's life, job, or mentality. We can guarantee that their revenue, traffic, and content engagement grows and they crush their KPIs --- but, many client realities are miserable whether successful or not.

Jeff Coyle

Chief Product Officer, MarketMuse