As the product manager role grows in ubiquity and importance, we’re seeing a lot of educational opportunities for formalized product management education. Whether these are offered by major universities or scrappy startups, certification opportunities abound, and there are seemingly new ones every day.

But before you rack up more student debt, we thought we’d ask: are these programs worth it? Our debaters’ responses ranged from outright dismissive to mildly skeptical. Those who responded to our poll aren’t fully bought-in, either.

Only 37% seem to think that these programs are worth it. Are you one of them? Tell us why in the comments.

Not Really

I think one’s reputation and track record of delivery are more important. A PM certification will give you a foot in the door in starting your career, but I’m not sure it’s the defining lever. Demonstrating the critical skills of a PM in the context of delivering customer value over time is more important.

Tom Witczak

Director of Product Management, Okta


If there actually was a great program that really teaches the best practices of listening for user insights, crafting a focused product strategy, and aligning everyone around clear objectives, then such certification would be valuable. Not because of the certificate, but because of the learning. Do you know of any?

Hubert Palan

CEO, ProductBoard


Critical! Imagine you run out of toilet paper? Could be a life saver!

David Schwartz

VP Product, Wix